Rewind to Relief Society
June 2007

“Rewind to Relief Society,” Ensign, June 2007, 70

Rewind to Relief Society

After my sixth child was born, I began to struggle with various health problems. At the same time, my husband’s employer relocated us to another state. New to the area and often homebound, I have struggled to attend Church meetings. During this challenging time, the Relief Society sisters have done many things to reach out to me. One particular act of service has been especially beneficial. The sisters record the Relief Society lessons for me to enjoy at home during the week.

Each recording arrives with a label identifying the teacher and lesson date. Not only do I know who each teacher is, but I can also learn about many of the sisters in the ward through the experiences they share. And if I don’t recognize a particular voice, I remember to ask when a sister comes to visit.

These recordings have been so beneficial to me that the Relief Society also circulates them to other homebound sisters. In addition to recording the lesson, the sisters include all the songs, announcements, and introduction of visitors.

My health continues to improve, and I attend Church meetings when I can. Thanks to the taped recordings, I’m beginning to match voices with faces—all of whom belong to a loving sisterhood. I feel that I’m an integral part of Relief Society.
Cheryl Burr, Utah