‘We Love You’ Days
February 2007

“‘We Love You’ Days,” Ensign, Feb. 2007, 72

“We Love You” Days

“We Love You” days began when our family decided to help our then three-year-old who was struggling with temper tantrums. One particular day we filled our home with thoughtful expressions of our love for him. His response was so positive that we decided to encourage “We Love You” days throughout the year to honor each family member. Some of our favorite activities for making our loved ones feel special include writing loving messages and hiding them in plastic eggs or holding treasure hunts with similar “treasure” notes. We have also made posters, service coupons, treats, and favorite meals. And to “officially” grant them royalty status, we’ve even made paper crowns and pillowcase capes. More important than the special activities and decorations, however, is our time spent together as a family, telling our loved ones how much they mean to us.
Erica Farr, Nevada

Illustration by Joe Flores