Our Family Storybook

    “Our Family Storybook,” Ensign, Feb. 2007, 72–73

    Our Family Storybook

    Coloring pictures and reading stories are two things children love. So why not combine them with a bit of family history for a creative, meaningful gift? My daughter-in-law, Katie, did just that while preserving some memories my son, John, had of his grandfather. She printed one or two simple sentences per page to form a booklet highlighting events of my father’s life. After telling the story, John asked his children to illustrate each page.

    Since my grandchildren didn’t know their great-grandfather well, this was a special way for them to learn about him. With the finished copy in hand, they then paid him a visit. My dad was visibly touched to receive this uniquely personalized tribute.

    You could help your children or grandchildren to create a similar book, featuring your own life experiences or singling out a specific incident. Remember to keep your storytelling simple. Then laminate the finished pages and bind them at a local copy center, or simply slip them into archival sheet protectors and place them in a binder. They make great bedtime stories and are a wonderful way to say “I love you.”
    Judy Graham, Utah