Now That I’m a Member, How Do I … ?
October 2006

“Now That I’m a Member, How Do I … ?” Ensign, Oct. 2006, 73

“Now That I’m a Member, How Do I … ?”

1. How should I dress for Church services and activities?

At Sunday meetings, men generally wear suits or sport coats and ties. Women wear modest skirts or dresses (with sleeves), and children typically wear their Sunday best. Sunday dress is also worn when attending the temple. For most Church activities not held on Sunday, casual, modest attire is appropriate. To find additional information on dressing modestly, refer to the booklet For the Strength of Youth (item no. ; no charge).

2. What can I do to more easily find scripture references in Church classes?

Since classroom discussions at church are often centered on scriptural passages, you will want to bring your scriptures to church. If you’d like to memorize the order of the books in the Bible or the Book of Mormon, you may want to learn the Primary songs “The Books in the Old Testament,” “The Books in the New Testament,” and “The Books in the Book of Mormon,” on pages 114, 116, and 119, respectively, of the Children’s Songbook. Sections of the Doctrine and Covenants are simply identified by their section number, and the Pearl of Great Price has but a few chapters. Scriptures are available with tabs for easy reference. Until you are familiar with the books of scripture, you may want to ask your instructor to include page numbers when referencing scriptures.

3. How do I pay tithing and fast offerings?

Donation slips and envelopes are generally located just outside the bishop’s or branch president’s office at church. Simply fill out the form as indicated, slip it along with your contribution into the envelope provided, and mail or give it to a member of the bishopric or branch presidency. If you have questions regarding donation amounts or how to fill out the forms, you can ask for assistance. Your home teachers, visiting teachers, or a member of the bishopric, for instance, would be happy to help.

4. Who can help me with questions about my calling?

Ask a leader in the Church organization to which you have been called. For instance, a Primary teacher might ask the Primary president or one of her counselors for help.

When you have questions about gospel teachings or about Church practices or procedures, you can ask your member friends. Some answers might be just a click away on www.mormon.org or www.lds.org. As a new member, you have access to many helpful resources, including caring Church members who want to see you progress in the gospel of Jesus Christ.