Family Home Evening Helps: Ready for Sunday
October 2006

“Family Home Evening Helps: Ready for Sunday,” Ensign, Oct. 2006, 73

Family Home Evening Helps:

Ready for Sunday

“Saturday is a special day,” we sing. “It’s the day we get ready for Sunday” (“Saturday,” Children’s Songbook, 196). This Primary song favorite has helped our family to better prepare for Sabbath-day worship. Whether you are a lifelong member of the Church or have just become a member, you can enjoy a more peaceful Sunday by preparing a little in advance. Consider using the words of the song as we did to help children understand what needs to be done ahead of time. Or simply discuss in family home evening how to accomplish personal and household chores before Sunday. We plan ahead for simple meals, and when the work is done we reward ourselves with a fun Saturday activity. Preparing for Sunday helps our family to avoid last-minute chaos and helps us invite the Spirit more fully in our Sabbath-day worship.
Diana Eckersell Janson, Idaho