October Special Issue Aimed at Helping New Members
September 2006

“October Special Issue Aimed at Helping New Members,” Ensign, Sept. 2006, 79

October Special Issue Aimed at Helping New Members

New members of the Church and those who work with them will receive an important additional resource in October. The October Ensign and Liahona will speak directly to those who have recently joined the Church, providing information and encouragement aimed at strengthening their testimonies and commitment while explaining some of the blessings and challenges associated with joining the Church.

New and long-time members alike will find the issue helpful in dealing with common challenges and frequently asked questions. The issue features a welcome by President Gordon B. Hinckley, an article explaining what a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles wishes every member knew, and articles addressing the topics of learning new traditions and leaving old ones behind, finding peace in part-member families, how to share what you’ve learned, finding your place in the Church, and more.

The Ensign will retain all of the magazine’s usual departments, including the First Presidency Message, Visiting Teaching Message, Random Sampler, and Latter-day Saint Voices, yet each article will contain a special message for new members. Many converts will share how they overcame the challenges and difficulties they experienced as new members. The issue will also include an introduction to the Church magazines and suggestions for getting the most out of them.

For members who would like additional copies of the issue, the magazine will be available through local distribution centers.