Family Home Evening Helps: An Article of Faith a Month
September 2006

“Family Home Evening Helps: An Article of Faith a Month,” Ensign, Sept. 2006, 73

Family Home Evening Helps:

An Article of Faith a Month

Does your family struggle to remember the Articles of Faith? We did until we decided to work on understanding and memorizing one each month during family night. We wanted to help our oldest daughter to pass off her Faith in God requirements. To engage everyone’s interest, we incorporated a variety of teaching methods and household settings.

First, our daughter typed up the Articles of Faith and made several copies of each, preparing in advance for us to eventually learn all 13. Then, in the course of learning a particular article of faith, we would go from room to room in our home, participating in a different activity in each one.

For instance, in the family room we used scriptures to discuss the meaning of our first article. Then we moved to the master bedroom, where we listened to that particular article of faith Primary song on CD. To motivate us to sing it several times, we played a simple game of hiding a piece of candy and singing louder as one of our children came close to finding it and softer if he was farther away. Then in the kitchen we cut up one of our paper printouts and invited the family to put it back together. Next, in a bedroom we had family members write the article of faith or draw what it was about. With a written copy, one of us then covered up some of the words, trying to stump the others as they determined what was missing. Our last stop was another bedroom, where we invited the children to further discuss the meaning of the article of faith and recite it from memory if they could.

Simple reminder copies of each month’s article of faith, posted throughout the house and included as bookmarks in our scriptures, also helped us to easily commit the Articles of Faith to memory and to heart.
Laura Turek, Nevada

Note: Audio recordings of the Primary Children’s Songbook are available at Church distribution centers or online at www.ldscatalog.com and www.lds.org/music.

Illustration by Beth Whittaker