Nutrition—to Go
June 2006

“Nutrition—to Go,” Ensign, June 2006, 70–71

Nutrition—to Go

While sitting down to a meal with the whole family is the ideal, sometimes that isn’t possible. And when you are in a rush, it’s easy to forget about eating right or even eating at all. Eating on the run requires some planning so that as you rush out the door your nutrition and health goals aren’t left behind. You can still eat healthy on the go by following these tips.

Start the day with a portable breakfast. Bring along a minibagel and juice, yogurt and graham crackers, or a plastic bag filled with nutritious dry cereal and a piece of fruit.

Prepare foods ahead of time. Pack sliced vegetables, dried and fresh fruits, string cheese, whole-grain crackers, jerky, nuts, squeeze yogurt, and bagels into individual plastic bags that can be grabbed at a moment’s notice. Fill plastic bottles partway with water or juice and freeze; top off with cold liquid as you run out the door.

Create a “snack area.” Designate an easy-to-reach location where busy kids can find a healthy snack. With the foods you have prepared in advance, fill a drawer with shelf-stable items or a refrigerator shelf with perishable goods.

Keep a variety of nonperishable foods in the car. Fill a portable, easy-to-carry container with more shelf-stable snacks. Add containers of juice and water, canned fruit, and pudding to fill your “snack caddy.”

Make wise choices when eating out. Choose a child-sized hamburger, a small deli sandwich, or a salad with low-fat dressing. Curb the tendency to order large sizes or additional high-calorie items. Keep in mind that a typical fast-food meal can contain almost two-thirds of your recommended daily calories.

The secret to eating nutritious food on the go is to plan ahead. Taking a few minutes each week to prepare healthy foods, ready to go, will keep you and your family’s nutrition and health goals on track.

Pauline Williams, Utah