“Hymn,” Ensign, June 2006, 7


I sat in front of you

In Relief Society

This morning as we sang:

“More holiness give me”

I was faltering in my

Search for the harmony.

My voice quivered and slid:

“More strivings within”

Timid in my weakness,

Your confident alto

Was my steady cue:

“More patience in suffering”

You kept me secure through the

Counterpoint; I was grateful

Not to be alone:

“More sorrow for sin”

You were graciously in tune.

I turned and was startled

To see who you were:

“More faith in my Savior”

Smiling, assured, you sat there,

A familiar sister-friend

Whom I had pitied:

“More used would I be”

But His grace had sanctified

Your soul’s dark wrenching

And left you peace-brilliant:

“More blessed and holy”

Now yours was the sure song,

A still-sustaining testament

Echoing God’s mercy:

“More, Savior, like thee.”

Photo illustration by David Stoker