Scripture Study on the Road

    “Scripture Study on the Road,” Ensign, Apr. 2006, 70

    Scripture Study on the Road

    My scriptures go where I go, and I travel a lot in my work. On the road, however, my scripture study is a little bit different than it is at home. I carry a compact scripture set that I have prepared for studying on the road by premarking verses that inspire me to do what is right. All I have to do is turn to one of these scriptures, and my focus becomes clearer as I feel the Spirit. I find that if I continue my scripture study during my travels, I can more easily resist temptations for inappropriate thoughts, behaviors, or activities. And my travel time often provides me with a chance to feast on the scriptures, focusing on certain topics or memorizing meaningful passages.

    Roger Crist, North Field Ninth Ward, Pleasant Grove Utah North Field Stake

    Illustrated by Joe Flores