Family Home Evening Helps: Caring for Converts

    “Family Home Evening Helps: Caring for Converts,” Ensign, Apr. 2006, 71

    Family Home Evening Helps: Caring for Converts

    Soon after joining the Church as a college student, I found many joys—and trials. Though initially I had no support group, loving Church members soon helped me to more deeply understand the gospel of Jesus Christ. Because of my experience, my husband and I try to reach out to others who are new to the Church. We encourage you and your family to do likewise, perhaps beginning with the following ideas.

    1. Invite new converts to your home. An invitation to dinner or family home evening can help new members see how your family has implemented gospel teachings. For instance, blessing the food or teaching basic family home evening lessons can help reinforce or introduce gospel concepts. As you live and share the gospel, others will feel the warm influence of the Spirit.

    2. Invite new members to share their conversion experiences. New converts are often excited about their newly formed testimony. As they share their testimony with others, it will grow and will strengthen others as well.

    3. Study the scriptures together. When a new convert in our ward was struggling to understand the scriptures, we invited her to study with us. Using an institute course manual to supplement our reading, we all gained a deeper understanding of the scriptures.

    4. Find a common interest. Take an institute class or attend a sporting event together. Make a sincere effort to become a true friend.

    5. Be supportive. If your new-member friends struggle to adjust during this transitional time, listen to their concerns. Help them find answers in Church resources. Pray and fast for and with them when appropriate, sharing your testimony when you feel prompted.

    6. Let them help you. It is vital for converts to feel needed at church. Help them to become involved by inviting them to assist you with your Church responsibilities when appropriate.

    7. Help them prepare to attend the temple. Love and support them as they practice good lifestyle habits. Encourage them when needed. Show by example the blessings we receive from obeying the Lord’s commandments.

    Kersten Campbell, Terre View Ward, Moscow Idaho Stake

    Illustrated by Beth Whittaker