Food Storage for One Year
March 2006

“Food Storage for One Year,” Ensign, Mar. 2006, 70

Food Storage for One Year

The First Presidency recommends that Church members “begin their home storage by storing the basic foods that would be required to keep them alive if they did not have anything else to eat.” After they have a year’s supply of the basics, they may then add other foods they are accustomed to eating regularly. (See First Presidency letter, Jan. 20, 2002.)

Above are suggested portion guidelines for adults and children for one year, unless otherwise indicated.

Because children are still growing, it is helpful to add one year to a child’s current age when calculating adequate food-storage amounts. Assess your family’s food-storage needs yearly, keeping in mind that nursing infants share in their mother’s portion. Also, young children, as well as pregnant and nursing mothers, need more milk than other family members.

Additional information, including a food calculation plan, is available at www.providentliving.org.

Illustrated by Joe Flores