Family Home Evening Helps: Helps for Young Children

“Family Home Evening Helps: Helps for Young Children,” Ensign, Mar. 2006, 71

Family Home Evening Helps: Helps for Young Children

Is it a challenge for your young children to sit quietly and listen during family home evening? It was for our family. Our children would frequently run around or interrupt the lesson to share an off-the-topic comment or story. So we decided to provide a constructive outlet for their comments and include music whenever possible.

After the opening song and prayer, we invite the children to each take turns sitting in a designated chair and share anything they want without interruption. Sometimes it’s something exciting they did or learned that day. Other times the children share thoughts and feelings. Once they’ve had a chance to talk, they are more respectful during the lesson.

Our children also seem to enjoy family night more when we include singing practice. We either learn a new hymn or Primary song or practice one we already know. Usually, we choose a seasonal song, one that addresses the lesson topic, or something that the Primary is learning for the sacrament program.

By considering our children’s needs and desires, we are easily able to adapt our home evenings to include the entire family—even the youngest.

Julie Partington, Georgetown Ward, Lexington Kentucky North Stake

Illustrated by Beth Whittaker