Family Home Evening Helps: Family Scripture Time

“Family Home Evening Helps: Family Scripture Time,” Ensign, Jan. 2006, 71

Family Home Evening Helps: Family Scripture Time

A couple of years ago, my husband and I wanted to help our children increase their appreciation for the scriptures. We had been reading the Book of Mormon as a family and were slowly making progress, but my husband and I agreed that the children needed to read more than just a few verses at a time. So we had them bring a blanket, pillow, and their own set of scriptures to the living room. With snacks nearby, we made ourselves comfortable on the floor and spent an hour taking turns reading from the Book of Mormon. Our children are young, and I was surprised that even our toddler enjoyed the activity. Depending on your children’s ages, you could easily incorporate family discussions as topics or questions arise from the reading, and you could use selections from Book of Mormon Stories (item no. 35666000; U.S. $6.00) or other illustrated scripture readers to help young learners.

Our scripture activity helped us to progress with our family goal of reading the Book of Mormon together. But the best part was feeling the Spirit in our home and helping our children recognize that special feeling.

Jennifer Dale, Riverview Ward, Mesa Arizona Maricopa North Stake

Illustrated by Beth Whittaker