“Comment,” Ensign, Jan. 2006, 79


Only the Lord Knows

The article “Not Enough for Tithing” in the October 2005 Ensign touched my heart and caused me to remember an experience I had several years ago when I served as bishop in our ward. A family came in to see me. They placed on my desk a sheet of paper showing their total income and their total expenses. These totaled themselves out. But their list of expenses did not include tithing. So I challenged them to pay tithing.

Much later they returned to my office. There had not been an increase in their income. Their total bills were still the same. Added to their list, however, was tithing. To this day, neither they nor I can tell how they managed it. Only the Lord knows.
George H. London, California

False Beliefs about Mental Illness

Thank you so much for your article “Myths about Mental Illness” by Elder Alexander B. Morrison in the October issue. As one who has experienced bouts of depression over the years, I am grateful for this clear explanation of false beliefs about mental illness among members of the Church and the offering of helpful, correct information. Some of my family members have harbored similarly incomplete understandings, which have created complications during my times of distress. I appreciate that this difficult topic was addressed in such a compassionate manner.
Name Withheld

Sticking with the New Era

I was reading through the Ensign one day when I came across “A Look at the New Era” (October 2005). It was of the story of a girl who wanted to buy a teen magazine that all the girls in school were reading, but she decided not to because she realized that her joy and happiness came from the New Era. Earlier that week my sister and I had thought about buying a teen magazine because we thought it would be fun to see all the stars and the styles, but as I read the article I knew this was my answer. I shouldn’t buy the magazine and waste my money. Instead, I should read the New Era more often and be filled with its joy and happiness. I would like to thank the girl who sent you her story and tell her that she made a big impact on my life. Thank you so much. I always look forward to getting the Ensign and the New Era every month.
Sami S., Arizona

Teaching with the Spirit

Thank you for the September 2005 article “Teaching the Gospel with Power.” The principles of teaching with the Spirit outlined by Brother Roylance were explained so beautifully, and as I have enjoyed being a teacher in various Church positions over the years, I identified with many of them. On a personal note, I had the privilege to attend several classes taught by Brother Roylance at the San Diego State College Institute, and they changed my life. It was wonderful to have those familiar feelings again as I read this article.
Bonnie Northcutt, Utah