One More Story, Dad!
August 2005

“One More Story, Dad!” Ensign, Aug. 2005, 73

One More Story, Dad!

One night my son, Adam, asked me to read him a bedtime story. As I looked around his room for a good book, I decided to read instead from a journal I had been keeping for several years. It contained entries I had written weekly about Adam. Each entry took only about 10 minutes to write. To my amazement, my son was fascinated with what I had written about him. As soon as I finished, he begged me to read more.

From that evening on, the journal became his favorite bedtime storybook. The entries usually noted Adam’s experiences each week, especially any good choices I had seen him make. Focusing on the positive helped him continue to make righteous decisions.

I used to think that the journal would be a priceless gift for my son when he became an adult. Then I realized I didn’t have to wait until then; it’s priceless to both of us now.

G. David Nassief, Greenway Ward, Paradise Valley Arizona Stake