Family Home Evening Helps: Two Fun Family Traditions
August 2005

“Family Home Evening Helps: Two Fun Family Traditions,” Ensign, Aug. 2005, 73

Family Home Evening Helps: Two Fun Family Traditions

You could say our family likes to celebrate our heritage, and we’re often in the “hot seat.”

Since I like to cook and serve international meals, I’ve prepared several cultural nights for our family to learn more about where our ancestors came from. Without leaving home, we have enjoyed flavorful dishes, dances, songs, and other aspects of those cultures. Sometimes we have even decorated our home with available souvenirs and photos. In addition to featuring our heritage countries, we have also learned more about where our children served their missions. With a little research at your local library or on the Internet, you can easily find a variety of ideas to get you started.

And when we’re not learning about our heritage, we don’t mind being in the “hot seat.” This simple activity gives us a chance to focus on one another’s positive attributes. We simply invite a family member to sit on a chair (the hot seat), and we take turns saying nice things about him or her. Since we have a large family, it takes some time for everyone to be spotlighted, but we love boosting each other’s confidence.

These family night traditions have strengthened our family. Not only do we focus on the blessings of our heritage, but we also focus on the things we love most about each other.

Teresa Shaw, Lake Arrowhead Ward, San Bernardino California Stake

Illustrated by Beth Whittaker

Illustrated by Joe Flores