A Brick for Christmas?

    “A Brick for Christmas?” Ensign, Dec. 2004, 64

    A Brick for Christmas?

    At Christmastime, many of us face the dilemma of giving meaningful gifts. A few years ago, my parents came up with a great solution: heritage gifts. Each year these simple gifts represent a part of our family’s history.

    These gifts have included copies of family audiotapes that record the squeals of delight from our childhood Christmas mornings. Our annual recorded interviews are also included, sharing highlights from school, our friendships, and our progress in the gospel as we were growing up. Recordings of us as budding musicians also carry fun memories.

    Videotape recordings, transferred from our old 8-mm home movies, show us as children opening gifts, going on family vacations, and catching the bus on our first day of school. My children now love to watch my siblings and me as children.

    Family history compilations, family cookbooks, a collection of family letters, and a brick have been favorite heritage gifts as well. Using some of the best bricks from an exterior wall that was demolished when our house was remodeled, my parents cleaned and varnished them, then affixed a plaque that simply says “Home” and our address. The brick serves as a happy reminder of the fond childhood memories we shared at home.

    Through these heritage gifts, we have received a treasure of memories that will last throughout the years—long after other tangible gifts are gone.

    Bonnie B. Larsen, Wellsville Eighth Ward, Wellsville Utah Stake

    Illustrated by Joe Flores