Making the Most of This Issue

    “Making the Most of This Issue,” Ensign, Dec. 2004, 80

    Making the Most of This Issue

    December 2004

    Testifying of Him

    • Testimonies of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from leaders committed to knowing and teaching His way, page 6.

    • Elder Hans H. Mattsson, Area Authority Seventy, recalls how he learned as a young missionary that the Lord could help him in his weakness. “How Could I Testify?” page 10.

    • “Why come unto Christ? Simply stated, because all other ways do not lead to eternal life,” writes Elder Robert R. Steuer of the Seventy. For counsel on finding the way, see “Come unto Christ,” page 12.

    • All his life he had been taught to avoid The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But when he sought truth and peace, it was there. See “The Faith I Tried to Avoid,” page 15.

    Stronger Families

    The True Spirit

    • How could a family possibly enjoy Christmas when their mother was killed during the holiday season? Then they opened the gift she had left behind. See page 52.

    • The spirit of Christmas can be found in breakfast at the wrong time of day, a kindness for a friend, a mysterious card on the tree, or an evening chat on the Paris metro. See Latter-day Saint Voices, page 59.

    • One mother found the true spirit of Christmas when she learned to let go of some traditions that had been important to her. See “Christmas Came Anyway,” page 55.

    Sharing with Sisters

    Do you really know how much visiting teaching affects other lives? Read stories of sisters who learned the impact of this kind of sharing in “Strong Hands and Loving Hearts,” page 36.

    Home, Visiting Teachers

    Find the monthly messages on page 2 and page 41.

    Answers—Just Keystrokes Away

    When you’re facing a personal challenge, do you ever wish you knew how other Latter-day Saints handle that type of problem? When you read articles like “Making Weak Things Become Strong,” on page 28 in this issue, do you ever wish you could learn more about increasing your own spiritual strength? More information on facing personal challenges is at your fingertips when you explore the Church’s Web site You can find additional magazine articles under Gospel Library—but that’s only the beginning. The site offers information on provident living, specific counsel on strengthening families, help with family history and gospel study, as well as lesson manuals and other reference materials. And there’s much more. Tap into the wealth of spiritual resources available online by visiting