Conference Interpretation Reaches 70 Languages

“Conference Interpretation Reaches 70 Languages,” Ensign, Nov. 2004, 128

Conference Interpretation Reaches 70 Languages

During the October 2004 broadcast of general conference, approximately 600 people helped interpret speakers’ words into 70 languages—three more than during the April 2004 conference. The newly added languages are Papiamento, Slovak, and Urdu.

In the translation booth, interpreters see and hear the broadcast as they interpret. Thanks to modern technology, there is virtually no time delay from when the words are spoken in English to when members can hear the translated words in different countries around the world.

Last month, 15 languages were interpreted remotely by translators watching conference thousands of miles away from the Conference Center, allowing for a reduction in travel costs. The Church plans to remotely translate additional languages in the future.

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Interpreters helped members hear general conference in more languages than ever before.