March 2004

“Comment,” Ensign, Mar. 2004, 79


December Ensign Brings Christmas Spirit

My grandmother died about six years ago, and after that, Christmas wasn’t the same. I forgot its true meaning. But after joining the Church about six months ago, I now understand that while I lost a relative who was dear to me, I have found a family that is bigger than I had ever imagined. The spirit of Christmas is back in my life.

After reading the December Ensign I was overcome with the Spirit. I had never before understood the importance of the Ensign. I now realize it is an integral part of any Latter-day Saint’s life. After watching the video Joy to the World, I realized that while decorations and gifts are nice, the greatest gift anyone can give this or any other Christmas is that of love, peace, happiness, and the glorious news of Christ’s birth.
Kellie Oldfield
Kings Meadows, Australia

Subscription as Christmas Present

I just received my December Ensign. I can hardly wait for it each month. I’m in a senior rest home, but I’ve always received the Ensign, and its stories, pictures, and articles have always been what I’ve needed. I have always sent an Ensign subscription to someone as a Christmas present. Thank you for the work that goes into the magazine.
Ruth Christensen
Elk Grove, California

Art Credits

The artwork in the Ensign is beautiful! Could you please identify the names of the paintings and the artists’ names? My thanks to the art director for adding to the spiritual message of a wonderful magazine.
Joan Bybee
Oakton, Virginia

Editor’s note: Photo and art credit lines appear in the small print in the margins of each article. If a painting has a title, that title is listed, along with the artist’s name. Some of the art used in Church magazines is owned by the Church, while some is commissioned specifically for a particular article. If no art credit appears, this usually means that the art in question comes from a collection of stock photos that require no credit or that the artist or photographer is unknown but the original is either in Church possession or in the public domain. In some cases, a photo or painting is copyrighted and the Church’s contract with the artist does not permit readers to photocopy or otherwise reproduce the image used in the magazine. These restrictions appear in the credit line. If the line reads “May Not Be Copied,” it is illegal to do so. Readers should carefully read credit lines before copying pages from the magazine. If no restriction appears, readers may copy art for incidental, noncommercial use such as for teaching in the home or in Church classes.