Taking Care of ‘Family Business’
October 2003

“Taking Care of ‘Family Business’” Ensign, Oct. 2003, 73

Taking Care of “Family Business”

Throughout the years, our family home evenings have changed to meet our growing family’s needs. One practice that has helped us accommodate change has been what we call “family business.” After the opening prayer and song, we take time to discuss the week’s schedule: Who needs to be where and when? Who is taking the car? Sister Smith needs help; could we help her on Thursday? We also discuss family policies: Could we change the way we are doing the dishes? I don’t agree with the 10-minute phone rule. Could we discuss it?

“Family business” is an important part of our family home evenings. It is often the best time to listen, compromise, and enforce where needed, instead of during the heat of a debate. During the week I sometimes find myself saying, “Let’s think about that and discuss it at home evening,” giving me the time needed to seek insight and inspiration. Of course, not every issue will wait for a Monday-night discussion. But if your family has already practiced problem-solving skills together, it will be much easier to resolve conflicts whenever they arise.

Cecelie Costley, Mink Creek Ward, Preston Idaho North Stake

Illustration by Beth Whittaker