Making the Most of This Issue
October 2003

“Making the Most of This Issue,” Ensign, Oct. 2003, 80

Making the Most of This Issue

October 2003

For Family Discussion

  • What are some of the things that make a marriage both durable and enjoyable? The prophet and his wife share some delightful and wise advice in “At Home with the Hinckleys,” page 22.

  • How can you get more out of general conference as individuals and as a family? That’s the topic of this month’s Questions and Answers. See page 53.

  • Good friends are crucial not just in childhood and the teen years but in young adulthood. Discover why in “In Good Company,” page 34.

  • Things can run more smoothly in your home if you attend to some business as part of every family home evening. See “Taking Care of ‘Family Business,’” page 73.

Giving a Gift That Lasts

If you agree that an introduction to the gospel is a wonderful gift to give someone, then your Christmas shopping is about to become easier this year. See “Joy to the World,” page 6.

Clock or Calendar?

Exercising true faith often depends as much on our trust in the Lord’s timetable as our trust in His power. Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles explains this vital principle in “Timing,” page 10.

Understanding the Temple

Many of us do not gain all we could from temple work and worship. Sometimes we struggle to explain temple-related symbols and concepts as we teach our children. Elder David E. Sorensen of the Seventy provides valuable insights and understanding in “The Doctrine of Temple Work,” page 56.

It Started with an Earthquake

Before the gospel message could reach the author and her family, their world had to be shaken up. See “The Red Knit Scarf,” page 18.

How to Grow Missionaries

There are certain basic skills and attitudes that help every missionary, and these can be taught as part of home and family life. See “Tips for Preparing Your Missionary,” page 72.

Home Teachers, Visiting Teachers

Find your monthly messages on page 2 and page 71.

You’ve Got Resources!

If you have anything to do with children or teens—as a parent, teacher, or leader—you’ve got some powerful players on your team. The Friend and New Era magazines are packed with articles, stories, and activities to help you teach gospel principles at home or in the classroom. For example:

  • In this month’s Friend, you’ll find “I Want to See the Prophet,” the story of how a young girl misses seeing the prophet at conference but receives a witness more sure than sight. You’ll also find an installment of the New Testament Reader, “Paul and Silas in Prison,” telling how Paul obeyed the Holy Ghost and brought about the conversion of the jailer. A learning activity is included.

  • In October’s New Era, Elder Ross Workman of the Seventy describes his own teenage struggle to choose between what he wanted and what the Lord wanted in “Staying Power.” Also, Q&A answers questions a young man may have as he prepares to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood. In “Getting the Point” a young man tells how he discovered the real reasons for giving service.