Three Missions Created, Two Combined

    “Three Missions Created, Two Combined,” Ensign, July 2003, 76–77

    Three Missions Created, Two Combined

    The First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles have approved the creation of three new missions and the merging of one mission with another.

    The Chile Concepción South Mission was created out of the reorganization of the Chile Concepción, Chile Osorno, and Chile Santiago South missions.

    The Georgia Atlanta North Mission was created out of the Georgia Atlanta and Georgia Macon missions.

    The México Guadalajara South Mission was created out of the México Guadalajara and México León missions.

    The Germany Leipzig Mission was absorbed by the Germany Berlin Mission.

    Most changes become effective 1 July, bringing the total number of missions to 337. In addition, more than 100 new mission presidents and their wives began their assignments in July.


    map of Chile

    Chile Santiago South Mission

    Chile Concepción South Mission (new)

    Rancagua Chile Stake

    Angol Chile Stake

    Rancagua Chile Tupahue Stake

    Los Angeles Chile North Stake

    Santiago Chile El Bosque Stake

    Los Angeles Chile South Stake

    Santiago Chile Gran Avenida Stake

    San Pedro Chile Stake

    Santiago Chile La Bandera Stake

    Talcahuano Chile Stake

    Santiago Chile Las Araucarias Stake

    Talcahuano Chile Colón Stake

    Santiago Chile O’Higgins Stake

    Talcahuano Chile Hualpén Stake

    Santiago Chile San Bernardo Stake

    Temuco Chile Cautín Stake

    Buín Chile District

    Temuco Chile Ñielol Stake

    San Fernando Chile District

    Coronel Chile District

    Santa Cruz Chile District

    Lebú Chile District

    Chile Concepción Mission

    Nueva Tolten Chile District

    Chillán Chile Stake

    Victoria Chile District

    Chillán Chile Ñuble Stake

    Chile Osorno Mission

    Concepción Chile Stake

    Coyhaique Chile Stake

    Concepción Chile Andalién Stake

    Osorno Chile Stake

    Concepción Chile Chiguayante Stake

    Osorno Chile Rahue Stake

    Concepción Chile Hualqui Stake

    Puerto Montt Chile Stake

    Curicó Chile Stake

    Punta Arenas Chile Stake

    Penco Chile Stake

    Valdivia Chile Stake

    Talca Chile El Mirador Stake

    Valdivia Chile Calle Calle Stake

    Talca Chile Lircay Stake

    Chiloe Chile District

    Linares Chile District

    La Unión Chile District

    Parral Chile District

    Los Lagos Chile District

    Villarrica Chile District

    Georgia (U.S.)

    map of Georgia

    Georgia Atlanta North Mission (new)

    Georgia Atlanta Mission

    Georgia Macon Mission

    Lilburn Georgia Stake

    Atlanta Georgia Stake

    Albany Georgia Stake

    Marietta Georgia East Stake

    Columbus Georgia Stake

    Augusta Georgia Stake

    Roswell Georgia Stake

    Jonesboro Georgia Stake

    Douglas Georgia Stake

    Sugar Hill Georgia Stake

    Powder Springs Georgia Stake

    Macon Georgia Stake

    Savannah Georgia Stake


    map of Germany

    Germany Berlin Mission

    Berlin Germany Stake

    Leipzig Germany Stake

    Dresden Germany Stake

    Neubrandenburg Germany District


    map of Mexico

    México Guadalajara Mission

    México León Mission

    México Guadalajara South Mission (new)

    Guadalajara México Independencia Stake

    Aguascalientes México Stake

    Morelia México Stake

    Guadalajara México Lomas Stake

    Aguascalientes México Jardines Stake

    Guadalajara México Tlaquepaque Stake

    Guadalajara México Mirador Stake

    Celaya México Stake

    Guadalajara México Victoria Stake

    Guadalajara México Moctezuma Stake

    Irapuato México Stake

    Zamora México Stake

    Guadalajara México Reforma Stake

    León México Stake

    Acambaro México District

    Guadalajara México Unión Stake

    San Luis Potosí México Stake

    Ciudad Guzmán México District

    Tepic México Stake

    San Luis Potosí México Benito Juárez Stake

    Colima México District

    Nayarit México District

    Manzanillo México District

    Puerto Vallarta México District

    Uruapan México District