In the News
July 2003

“In the News,” Ensign, July 2003, 79

In the News

Nauvoo Temple Design Wins Award

The Nauvoo Illinois Temple was named one of three winners of the Palladio Award during the Restoration & Renovation Exhibition and Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, on 20 March.

Winner in the category of New Design and Construction for public architecture, FFKR Architects of Salt Lake City was recognized for the replication of the original 50,000-square-foot Nauvoo Temple, dedicated in 1846. The Nauvoo Illinois Temple was dedicated in June 2002.

Organized and produced by Clem Labine’s Traditional Building magazine, the Palladio Awards honor outstanding achievement in traditional design.

Tabernacle Choir Forms Its Own Recording Label

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir has announced the creation of its own recording label, a milestone in the musical organization’s 145-year history. The choir is the sole owner of the new label, called Mormon Tabernacle Choir™. The label was formed to leverage the strength of the choir’s well-known name and reputation.

After recording more than 150 albums for large industry labels, the choir will direct and produce its own recordings, including CDs, videos of special concerts, and documentaries. Recent video performances of the choir’s 2001 Christmas concert with Angela Lansbury and its tour to Nauvoo, Illinois, in 2002 will be rereleased under the new label later this year.

Inaugurating the launch of the new label is the choir’s latest CD, Consider the Lilies. For additional information, visit www.mormontabernaclechoir.org.

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