“Contents,” Ensign, Mar. 2003, 1


    March 2003

    Volume 33 Number 3

    Front cover: Turning Hearts to the Family, by Ann Marie Oborn

    Inside front cover: A Father’s Baptism, by Liz Lemon Swindle. Describing the baptism of her husband, Joseph Smith Sr., by her son the Prophet Joseph Smith on 6 April 1830, Lucy Mack Smith wrote, “When [my husband] came out of the water, Joseph stood upon the shore, and taking his father by the hand, he exclaimed, with tears of joy, ‘Praise to my God! that I lived to see my own father baptized into the true Church of Jesus Christ!’” (History of Joseph Smith, ed. Preston Nibley [1958], 168).

    Inside back cover: The First Relief Society Meeting, by Lynde Mott. On the afternoon of 17 March 1842 in the red brick store in Nauvoo, Illinois, the Prophet Joseph Smith organized the Female Relief Society of Nauvoo for the women of the Church. The figures depicted by the artist represent specific women who were among the 20 women present. Each also represents an important aspect of a Latter-day Saint woman’s life. From left to right: Phebe Ann Hawks, representing service; Margaret Cook, representing home industry; Sarah Kimball, representing caring for the sick; Bathsheba Smith, representing motherhood; and Sarah Cleveland, representing refinement.

    Back cover: Sweeter than All Sweetness, hammered copper sheet by Miguel Angel González Romero