Follow the Liahona
August 2002

“Follow the Liahona,” Ensign, Aug. 2002, 73

Follow the Liahona

Families who like the outdoors will enjoy this family home evening activity based on the Liahona. The only materials required are a copy of the Book of Mormon, a pencil, slips of paper, and masking tape. Optional supplies: (1) a picture of Lehi holding the Liahona or (2) a compass or Styrofoam ball painted gold to look like the Liahona.

Start the activity by reading 1 Nephi 16, which describes how Lehi found the Liahona in front of his tent. Ask questions such as “What did the Liahona do?” “In what ways did it guide Lehi’s family?” and “How are the scriptures like the Liahona?” Emphasize that the Liahona pointed the way the family should go in the wilderness and that writing appeared on it from time to time.

Next, leave a trail of notes giving directions to the “promised land.” You could leave the notes in your backyard, a park, or even a trail in a nearby canyon or forest. (Just be sure the children remove the notes after reading them.) When our family held this activity on a canyon trail, my wife walked with the children, and I was waiting at the end of the trail to give each person a big hug.

Here are some possible messages to write:

  • At the top of each note, write, “Follow the Liahona.”

  • Where children have to choose to go left or right, leave a message saying, “Choose the right.”

  • Where they should keep going straight, write, “Follow the strait and narrow path.”

  • Where the trail leads to a dead end, write, “Detours can be dangerous.”

  • Near the end of the journey, write, “You are almost to the promised land. Endure to the end.”

  • The last note could say, “Well done! You have reached the promised land!”

  • You could liken the notes to messages from the scriptures and compare reaching the promised land to entering into Heavenly Father’s presence. You could also leave notes with brief messages about the first principles and ordinances of the gospel.

This activity took only a few minutes to prepare, but it proved to be a memorable adventure for our youngsters.—Devan Jensen, Windsor Seventh Ward, Orem Utah Windsor Stake

Illustrated by Beth Whittaker