Mom, You’re Singing!
August 2002

“Mom, You’re Singing!” Ensign, Aug. 2002, 69

Mom, You’re Singing!

Several years ago I began to feel severe pain in my neck, back, and legs. It soon became almost impossible for me to play the piano, type, crochet, or do anything with my right hand. I was diagnosed with dystonia, a neurological disease that affects my entire right side as well as my neck and face. I can no longer speak above a whisper, which means I can’t sing anymore. I was especially devastated to be unable to sing or play the piano because I had served as music leader or pianist among the Primary, the youth, the Sunday School, and the Relief Society since I was 16 years old—a total of about 45 years!

On 6 April 2000 I went with my son and daughter-in-law to our stake center to watch the satellite broadcast of the dedication of the Palmyra New York Temple. When it came time to stand and sing “The Spirit of God” (Hymns, no. 2), I started mouthing the words as I always do now. Suddenly my daughter-in-law put her arm around me and said, “Mom, you’re singing!”

It was true! I was singing the way I used to sing! I sang all four verses of the song. By the time the dedication program was over, the tightness returned to my throat and the miracle had ended.

I will always be grateful to the Lord for allowing me that last opportunity to sing praises to Him. I still can’t speak above a whisper, but I will always have a song of praise in my heart.

  • Bernadene G. Gardiner is a member of the Alma Seventh Ward, Mesa Arizona West Stake.