Making the Most of This Issue

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“Making the Most of This Issue,” Ensign, Mar. 2002, 80

Making the Most of This Issue

March 2002

For a Stronger Family

  • Want to strengthen your family’s appreciation for the Book of Mormon? Review how the book came into—and changed—one woman’s life, p. 68.

  • Want to help everyone in your family or group get excited about family history? Share “I Hope You’ll All Remember Me,” p. 70.

  • Need help in teaching your children to be reverent in Church classes? Try this in family home evening: role-play a distracting classroom situation. For more on this tip and others, see p. 73.

Seven Ways to Improve a Marriage

If you’re looking for ways to strengthen your relationship with your spouse, try these suggestions, already field-tested in the home. See p. 24.

On Womanhood and Motherhood

Rejuvenate your spirit through words and art that pay tribute to motherhood and womanhood, pp. 8–15.

Shouldering Our Responsibility

The temptation to try to escape the consequences of our actions is common, says Elder Robert S. Wood of the Seventy. Yet it is crucial that we accept responsibility for our behavior. See p. 27.

The Old Testament and You

  • What would it have been like to wander through the wilderness of Sinai? Put yourself in the shoes of the ancient children of Israel facing fiery flying serpents. In approaching the promised land, would you have been a wall watcher or a grape gatherer? See p. 32.

  • The Old Testament is like the root system of a beautiful, nurturing tree. You can learn more about it beginning on p. 38.

Trying to Build Faith?

“We do not increase our faith by following a formula,” says Elder John K. Carmack of the Seventy. “Nor does the increase come through definitions, logic, or philosophy.” So how do we increase our faith? See p. 53.

Help with Chronic Illnesses

What gospel resources can aid individuals who are struggling with chronic illnesses? How can others help? Church members offer ideas and insights on p. 58.

The Pocket Missionary

Learn how to use the Church’s new pass-along cards through the experiences of members in the California Sacramento Mission, p. 64. Then try it yourself using the newest card, provided with the insert in this magazine.

Now That You’re an Editor …

How can you create an appropriate ward newsletter or a handout for Church meetings or activities? Follow three simple guidelines found on p. 72.

Home Teachers and Visiting Teachers

Find the monthly messages on p. 2 and p. 74.

Did You Know?

When you move, you can ensure your Church magazines will follow you to your new home without a break. If you are in the United States or Canada, as soon as you know your new address, call 1-800-537-5971 and report the change. If you live in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, or another country, you can contact the nearest Church distribution center to report your new address.