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“Comment,” Ensign, Mar. 2002, 79


Scheduling Priesthood and Relief Society Lessons

On page 63 of the December Ensign it states that ward leaders are to coordinate a schedule for teaching each chapter in the Teachings of Presidents of the Church books. This seems to contradict the instructions in Information for Priesthood and Auxiliary Leaders on Curriculum (2001–4), which says that the lessons should be taught in the order presented in the book. I would appreciate a clarification on how we should proceed.

Ashley Peterson
Scranton, Pennsylvania

It is the responsibility of ward Melchizedek Priesthood and Relief Society leaders, under the direction of the bishopric, to coordinate a unified schedule for the presentation of these lessons. It is recommended that the lessons be taught in the order presented in the book. However, if leaders are unified and feel that the schedule needs to vary from the order in the book to meet local needs, they may change the order.

For Teens Too

I am a young woman who, when my family moved to a new area two years ago, had a hard time adjusting. I felt like a weed in a bed of flowers when I went to church. I attended only once a month for about a year and a half. I never lost my faith, but I still felt like a weed.

One day I happened to pick up the Ensign and, flipping through the pages, stopped to read the Latter-day Saint Voices. I began crying as the personal stories touched me.

Since then I have become more active, have started catching up on my Personal Progress, and am now preparing to receive my patriarchal blessing. I’m also trying to be an example to less-active family members.

I want to thank all the Church members who have sent in their stories and the Ensign for publishing them.

Rachelle Cox
Albany, Oregon

Burdens Eased

Thank you for the article “Easing the Burdens of Mental Illness” (Oct. 2001). I am married to a man who is mentally ill and for the past several years has lived in his car, avoiding all contact with my children and me.

I am grateful for the power of prayer and the close relationship I have developed with my Heavenly Father over these difficult years. My children and I have developed strong testimonies, a love for the Church, and a knowledge that the Lord is with us always.

I appreciate seeing articles about mental illness in Church publications. I hope that as people are exposed to articles on mental illness, support and understanding for families like mine will be more available.

Name Withheld

I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for your article on mental illness as well as other articles on depression.

Such articles are a great blessing to those of us Latter-day Saints who struggle in silence and secrecy with these disorders.

I am grateful to you and to Church leaders for bringing these issues from a frightening darkness into a loving light.

Name Withheld

Blessed by Their Words

I want to thank the Church leaders who share their testimonies with us in the Ensign every month. How comforting it is to me to know my life is blessed because they choose to exemplify the principles of the gospel. I am truly grateful to feel the Spirit through their words.

April Gutzwiller
Kaysville, Utah

By having pass-along cards with us to give away, my wife and I have had four good missionary experiences. Thank you for providing these missionary tools.

Terence and Louise Goss
Laurel, Montana