New Genealogy Workbooks Make Research Easier

    “New Genealogy Workbooks Make Research Easier,” Ensign, Jan. 2002, 76

    New Genealogy Workbooks Make Research Easier

    The Church’s Family History Library released in October two publications to help people in their family history research: an introductory workbook called How Do I Start My Family History? (item no. 32916; no charge) and a research guide titled Denmark: Finding Records of Your Ancestors, Part A (36577; U.S. $3.25).

    How Do I Start My Family History? helps those just beginning to gather and organize their family’s genealogy. Users will find simple instructions, examples, and removable pedigree and family group worksheets to help them record what they already know about their families.

    Denmark: Finding Records of Your Ancestors, Part A is the first of what will be a series of publications designed to help those who have already gathered some information and recorded it on pedigree and family group forms and are ready to search public records. Additional guides in the Finding Records of Your Ancestors series for the British Isles, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland are now being prepared for publication. Other guides will follow, offering research assistance for African-Americans, American Indians, and Pacific Islanders.

    Finding Records of Your Ancestors guides are geared toward people who have little genealogical experience and may not have time to do extensive research. For example, Denmark, Part A outlines the steps and tools needed to find one’s Danish ancestors. Users will learn where to start, how to find and use Danish records, and which unique elements to look for in the records.

    The guide explains different types of records in Denmark and instructs the user on when and how to use specific records. A real-life case study allows readers to see for themselves how the research process works. Expert search tips, maps, historical time lines, and background on Danish naming customs are included. In addition to outlining a strategy for getting started, the guide offers instructions on more advanced research, including addresses and Web sites for more information.

    Both publications are available at Church distribution centers or on the Internet at