Museum Sponsors Sixth International Art Competition
October 2001

“Museum Sponsors Sixth International Art Competition,” Ensign, Oct. 2001, 78

Museum Sponsors Sixth International Art Competition

The Museum of Church History and Art is seeking entries for its Sixth International Art Competition, to be held in 2003.

The exhibit, which is scheduled from 21 March to 1 September 2003, is titled Latter-day Saints, Yesterday and Today: Belief, History, Life. Entries should represent themes, stories, people, places, and ideas related to one or more of the following: (1) Latter-day Saint doctrines, beliefs, and teachings, including messages and stories from the scriptures and teachings of the prophets; (2) important events, places, and people in the history of the Church; (3) the application of gospel teachings and values in Latter-day Saint life, including Church, family, and individual activities and programs.

The competition is open to all members age 18 and older. Each artist may submit one work of art. The museum welcomes a variety of cultural and aesthetic traditions, styles, approaches, and artistic media. These media may include painting, sculpture, quilts, textiles, pottery, ceramics, jewelry, wood carving, metal work, photography, drawing, original prints, and so forth. Entries must have been completed after 1 January 2000. The maximum size limit for artworks is 83.5 inches (213 centimeters), including frame, in the longest dimension.

A jury will evaluate slides and prints of the artwork in the first round of judging. The slides and prints will not be returned. Artists should not send original art to the museum for first-round jurying.

Artists whose works are selected for the second round of judging will be notified after 15 December 2002. Artists who are notified that their work has been accepted and who live outside the United States and Canada should deliver their original art to the nearest Church distribution center by 7 January 2003. These entries will be juried again to develop the final selection for the museum exhibit. Artwork will be judged on the creative and successful expression of the theme and on the excellence of aesthetic and technical accomplishment.

Entry forms for artists living outside the United States and Canada will be available at local distribution centers after May 2002. Artists may also request a copy of the entry form by sending their name and address to the museum. Entry forms should be sent directly by mail to the Museum of Church History and Art. The entry forms must be received in the museum by 22 November 2002.

For information, write to Museum of Church History and Art, 45 N. West Temple Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84150-3810, USA. Or e-mail to churchmuseum@ldschurch.org.

Taking the Stick of Joseph to the Children of Hagoth was an entry in the Church’s Fifth International Art Competition. (Painting by Sylvia Huege de Serville.)