October 2001

“Comment,” Ensign, Oct. 2001, 80


Seeking the Son

I so much appreciated the article, “Seeking the Son” (April 2001). I, too, am a mother of a disabled son, and I received this issue at a time when this article could have been written about me.

I am usually very optimistic about our challenges, but like the daffodil fighting for a ray of sunshine, there are times when I find myself having to work very hard to seek out the Savior’s light and to remember that He is mindful of my little family. Sometimes it seems easier just to wither away, but I know He is there. It is up to me to seek Him and allow Him to replenish my faith and my strength.

Keri Gillespie
Stillwater, Oklahoma

Enlarging the Soul

I write to express appreciation for the Latter-day Saint Voices section of the Ensign and to share an experience I had relative to it.

In the February issue, I read “The Lost Pamphlet,” a story of a Guatemalan brother whose prayer was answered by the arrival of the missionaries. I then read “Go Check on Wendi,” a story of a mother responding to the prompting of the Spirit of the Lord. Her young daughter’s prayer was answered.

My experience in reading those stories is reaffirmation of a fundamental and significant truth: God does hear and respond to the petitions of His children. The sincere prayer of a child of God, young or old, does not go unheeded. I felt that testimony enlarge my soul and bring tears to my eyes.

Joseph B. Romney
Rexburg, Idaho