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“Comment,” Ensign, Aug. 2001, 79–80


Nourishing Faith

At special times in my life, I have felt the Holy Ghost as a companion. My lack of faith at certain times was hard to understand. Reading the article “Faith in Jesus Christ” (Apr. 2001) helped me to know it is a process. I had been praying for stronger faith and a desire to understand the concept to a greater degree. While reading, I realized it’s not something you just get, but something you nourish to receive. Thank you.

Ann Hart
Henderson, Nevada

Fighting Profanity

I enjoyed the article about profanity in the April Ensign. I feel another way that we can stand up to profanity is not to watch shows that use any kind of bad language, including taking our Heavenly Father’s and our Savior’s names in vain. If we would not support the companies that make TV shows and movies with such language in them, maybe the movies with this kind of content would decrease.

Bethlyn Robison
Cedar Hills, Utah

Illustrating the Messages

Since my Ensign had not yet arrived, I accepted the offer from my bishop’s wife to download the visiting teaching message from the Church’s Web site for me. Then, the next day, the April Ensign arrived in the mail. As I turned to the message, it gladdened my soul to read it in column format, with a color illustration pertaining to the gospel principle taught in the message. The Spirit was there.

The computer printout had the same message. However, until this experience, I had not considered the layout of the Church magazines as being part of the way the Spirit can convey the message.

The Ensign does indeed provide the word of the Lord, in the manner that He would have it done. It is to bring us closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ, as we are taught by His Spirit.

Sharlie Carter
Louisville, Kentucky

Note: Beginning with the 2001 issues, page layouts with illustrations (PDF format) are available at www.lds.org in the Gospel Library. Be aware that this format requires more time to download.