Giving Up My Graven Image
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“Giving Up My Graven Image,” Ensign, Mar. 2001, 49

Giving Up My Graven Image

I used to have a 1978 Harley-Davidson motorcycle. I had invested a huge sum of money in it and was indescribably proud of it. It was everything to me. Every Sunday I joined a group of friends in our native city of Patillas, Puerto Rico, and we rode our motorbikes around the island. We forgot all our problems, our families, God—everything—for a brief period of pleasure on those bikes. In essence, my motorcycle was my idol.

That all changed when a former classmate, Jaime Rivera Gómez, introduced me to the Church. I will be eternally grateful to Jaime and to the missionaries for their teachings, patience, and genuine love. My wife and I were baptized on 31 March 1996.

Finding the gospel of Jesus Christ changed our lives completely. I immediately sold my motorcycle for much less money than I had invested in it. But the sacrifice was worth it. As I changed my life, Heavenly Father—the only true God—poured out blessings on me. Now I am happy. My home is happy. I love my wife and my children. We hold family home evening, and we pray and serve the Lord as a family.

Three months after becoming members of the Church, we traveled to the Washington D.C. Temple and were baptized for some of our ancestors. Our second visit to the temple was in July 1997. There we received our endowments, were sealed, and performed sacred ordinances for our loved ones.

I know God loves me, and I am striving each day to become more like Him.

  • Manuel J. Rosario is a member of the Arroyo Branch, Guayama Puerto Rico District.

Illustrated by Brian Call