Making the Most of This Issue

“Making the Most of This Issue,” Ensign, Mar. 2001, 80

Making the Most of This Issue

March 2001

Protect Your Marriage

Negativism can be a marriage killer. Find out how to avoid its bite. See p. 22.

Being a Friend to the Less Active

What can we do to reach out to less-active members? One member shares ideas that work. See p. 70.

Walk Your Way to Good Health

No time for exercise? Think again. One member shows how you can integrate walking into your everyday life. See p. 72.

You’re a Teacher Too

Everyone is a teacher! Use the suggestions on pp. 32–36 in the next lesson you teach at home or in church.

The Power of Presidencies

Elder Joe J. Christensen, emeritus member of the Seventy, shares seven ideas for unlocking the power of presidencies, p. 16.

Home Teachers and Visiting Teachers

Find the monthly messages on p. 2 and p. 57.

Learning a Prophet’s Lessons

Can the Prophet Joseph Smith’s early experiences with the first principles and ordinances of the gospel strengthen you? Find out on p. 50.

In Danger of Drowning!

A simple fishing trip becomes a life-and-death situation. Turn to p. 30 to read the dramatic answer to a father’s prayers for his two sons.

What Lessons Can Your Child Teach You?

Four mothers recall insights they gained through their children, p. 27.

Perspectives for Leaders and Teachers

• Read how vital it is for teachers to help class members develop a love for the word of God, p. 69.

• Find the general Relief Society presidency’s ideas on missionary work, convert retention, and activation on p. 68.

• Read tips for teaching President Hinckley’s counsel to youth, p. 68.

• Help children gain a testimony of prophets as they learn about this year’s Primary theme, “Follow the Prophet,” p. 69.

Sharing the Gospel with Others

The Atonement is the fundamental doctrine upon which all missionary work can be based, says Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve. “I testify to you that we will change lives, including our own, if we will teach the Atonement through the Book of Mormon as well as … from all of the other scriptures,” he says. See p. 8.

Family Home Evening

Most stories from Latter-day Saint Voices can be used for family night. If you want to center a family home evening on the importance and power of prayer, read and discuss “Sand Trap,” p. 44.

Did You Know?

Each Ensign feature article has gospel topics listed at the end that can suggest subjects for personal study and reflection or provide support material for lessons in the home and Church classrooms.