Sacrament Meeting Quiz
August 2000

“Sacrament Meeting Quiz,” Ensign, Aug. 2000, 70

Sacrament Meeting Quiz

During many of the years our six children were growing up, my husband served in a bishopric or other calling that prevented him from sitting with us in sacrament meeting. To help our children be more reverent and focus more on the meeting, we tried something we called the Question Game.

Each child brought a small notepad and pencil to sacrament meeting. After the sacrament had been passed, the notebooks came out and the children began taking notes on what occurred during the meeting. They wrote down who spoke and what they talked about, what hymns we sang, who conducted the meeting, who passed the sacrament, and other details. Younger children drew pictures of things they observed.

Once home, we wrote questions on slips of paper about things we had observed during sacrament meeting. The slips of paper were placed in a large bowl, and each of us in turn drew out a question and tried to answer it. If we didn’t know the answer, we could call on someone else. Often a question would lead to a 5- or 10-minute discussion of a gospel concept. Those who answered correctly received a small reward. By the time the bowl was emptied of questions, we had enjoyed an interesting review of sacrament meeting.

Because our children wanted to come up with the best questions, they stayed more alert and listened more reverently during sacrament meeting. We also found our question game an appropriate activity for our Sunday gospel study time.—Sharlene T. Barber, Farragut Ward, Knoxville Tennessee Stake