Church Provides Relief in Africa, Philippines
May 2000

“Church Provides Relief in Africa, Philippines,” Ensign, May 2000, 112

Church Provides Relief in Africa, Philippines

When extensive flooding in Mozambique and Zimbabwe left hundreds of thousands of people homeless and hundreds more dead, the Church chartered two helicopters to help evacuate flood victims and deliver emergency supplies. The Church also shipped nearly two million pounds of clothing, food, medical supplies, family hygiene kits, educational supplies, and quilts to assist in relief efforts.

In addition, $50,000 was donated for local purchase of relief supplies. Supplies were distributed by the Red Cross and Child Aid in Mozambique and by Rotary International in Zimbabwe. There were no reports of Church members or missionaries being displaced by the flooding.

In the Philippines, 47,000 people were evacuated when Mount Mayon, one of the country’s 22 active volcanoes, erupted several times. Church meetinghouses were used as shelters for 200 member families displaced by the eruption. The families also received assistance from local units.


Helicopters chartered by the Church delivered emergency sypplies to African areas affected by flooding.