100 Million Copies of the Book of Mormon
May 2000

“100 Million Copies of the Book of Mormon,” Ensign, May 2000, 112

100 Million Copies of the Book of Mormon

The 100 millionth Book of Mormon came off the press at the end of February. The ancient scripture continues to fulfill its mission “to the convincing of the Jew and Gentile that JESUS is the CHRIST, the ETERNAL GOD, manifesting himself unto all nations” (Book of Mormon title page). Nearly 12 years ago President Ezra Taft Benson said, “We must flood the earth with the Book of Mormon” (Ensign, Nov. 1988, 5). Each day some 15,000 copies are printed. The full text is now available in 54 languages, and selections are available in an additional 40 languages. The Prophet Joseph Smith called the Book of Mormon “the most correct of any book on earth, and the keystone of our religion” (History of the Church, 4:461).