Financial Clerk, a Sacred Trust

“Financial Clerk, a Sacred Trust,” Ensign, Mar. 2000, 44–45

Financial Clerk, a Sacred Trust

My husband, Herb, has served as financial clerk with four different bishops over a period of about 15 years. Though he is quiet by nature, he often says to me, “If I hadn’t known the Church was true before I had this calling, I’d know it now. The way the Church has its financial program set up is inspired. If it wasn’t, the Church would never be able to stay on top of the finances of the worldwide operation.”

Herb considers his work a sacred trust. He’s told me he’s impressed with the confidentiality maintained by the bishop and others when it comes to ward finances and the tithes and offerings of the members. Herb also keeps everything he knows confidential. He says he wants to be able to face the Savior and say, “I never inappropriately repeated anything that was sacred.”

Even though Herb is retired from farming, we still maintain six acres, including one acre as a family garden. He’s busy here, but he always makes time every week to go to the church to work for hours on the records.

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