Young Women Worldwide Celebration

“Young Women Worldwide Celebration,” Ensign, Mar. 2000, 72

Young Women Worldwide Celebration

Young women in every part of the world are commemorating the year 2000 with the special theme, Stand as a Witness. In Sunday instructions and at other Young Women activities this year, special attention will be given to this theme.

Counsel with your priesthood leaders to integrate activities centering on this theme into your existing program. The following suggestions could be used in Mutual:

  • Invite the young women to study 2 Nephi 25:21–26. Help them learn the value of keeping sacred records. Encourage them to write a letter to their families sharing their personal testimonies of the Savior. These testimonies can be preserved for future generations.

    Participating in family history activities can bless a young woman’s life now and influence for good her future family. Through this work, young women gain eternal perspective and recognize that they are a link between their ancestors and their posterity.

  • Invite young women to express their witness of Jesus Christ through the arts. Provide opportunities for them to develop their creative talents through art, music, writing, and in other ways.

  • Encourage young women to follow the Savior’s example of service. Perhaps those with computer skills could help their families and others learn to use the computer and the FamilySearch® Internet Genealogy Service.

  • Help young women prepare family names for temple work and, when possible, perform proxy baptisms at the temple. This work will help them prepare to make and keep sacred temple covenants.

A highlight of the yearlong celebration will take place in November. Young women throughout the world will perform, on a stake or district level, a musical tribute to the Savior, with every young woman joining in chorus to sing “I Know That My Redeemer Lives.” From the four corners of the earth, young women will come together in spirit to testify of the living Christ.

Photo by Matt Reier