Conference Broadcast on the Internet
November 1999

“Conference Broadcast on the Internet,” Ensign, Nov. 1999, 109

Conference Broadcast on the Internet

The October 1999 general conference marked the first time that live audio and video broadcasts of sessions were widely available worldwide via the Internet. Audio was available in numerous languages through LDSWorld.com, a Web service operated by Millennial Star Network, Inc., and through other Church-owned media entities. Video was available through Brigham Young University’s NewsNet service, which helped pioneer audio broadcasts of previous general conferences on a limited scale. In total, an estimated 100,000 members worldwide participated in the Internet general conference broadcast.

Millennial Star Network is a new, Church-owned enterprise working to “colonize an electronic global community of members and friends of the Church,” according to company president Franklin Lewis. Audio archives of October 1999 conference addresses in several languages are available at www.generalconference.com.

In other Internet-related news, the Church recently redesigned its official Web site. Located at www.lds.org, the site offers information for members, media representatives, and interested visitors.