Mutual: A Missionary Tool
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“Mutual: A Missionary Tool,” Ensign, Oct. 1999, 52

Mutual: A Missionary Tool

Mutual provides a missionary opportunity that can open spiritual doors to less-active members and investigators. During Mutual, youth and leaders can fellowship young people who hesitate to attend church on Sunday. All youth should feel they belong here.

When Mutual is well planned and includes both opening exercises and meaningful activities, young people feel the Spirit of the Lord and know that they are loved and accepted. Opening exercises are essential because they provide opportunities for learning the hymns, giving talks, sharing talents, and inviting the Spirit of the Lord.

Mutual also provides an opportunity to demonstrate that living the gospel is a happy pursuit that can be invigorating and fun. It is a time to develop and strengthen friendships that can continue at school, in the home, and throughout life. It is a training ground for young leaders—where they can learn to successfully fulfill a wide variety of responsibilities. Whether the youth are tying quilts, playing soccer, or singing in a musical production, Mutual will be irresistible and rewarding if they feel the Spirit of the Lord, love, and acceptance!

Mutual should be as varied as the young people who attend. When there is a balance between music and drama, sports, home arts, service, and other activities, the youth gain a variety of experiences that will benefit them the rest of their lives. When Young Men and Young Women activities reinforce the principles taught during Sunday lessons, those activities will strengthen young people’s lives and establish a firm foundation upon which they can build their futures.

As we follow President Gordon B. Hinckley’s counsel, we will make sure each member has “a friend, a responsibility, and nurturing with ‘the good word of God’” (“Converts and Young Men,” Ensign, May 1997, 47). Mutual can be a powerful influence to accomplish this great work.

Photo by Steve Bunderson