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“Comment,” Ensign, Apr. 1999, 80


January Painting of Christ

I received the January 1999 copy of our beloved Ensign a few minutes ago. Never have I seen anything as beautiful as the front cover picture of our beloved Savior! It brought tears to my eyes. I am almost 83 years old and had never before felt the way I did when I saw this most awe-inspiring likeness. It’s beautiful!

Melba S. Thomas
Salt Lake City, Utah

Christ-Centered Articles

The January 1999 Ensign had four feature articles that were Christ-centered. They were particularly helpful in my on-going resolution to keep focused while taking the sacrament. “Latter-day Clarity on Christ’s Life and Teachings” greatly helps to clarify the confusion I have had in the Gospels concerning what could be intended by the Gospel writers. Most helpful to me was the article on the Atonement (“Living a Christ-Centered Life”).

Cornelia Madsen
Provo, Utah

Cornets, Trumpets, and Alto Horns

In the painting of an event at Locust Creek near the Iowa-Missouri state line in about 1846, the artist seems to have portrayed three musicians playing modern trumpets rather than the 19th-century shorter cornets (“All Is Well,” inside front cover, July 1998). The cornet is shorter than the trumpet and has a more mellow tone as compared to the brilliance of the trumpet.

Furthermore, the standing musician with the larger horizontal alto horn extending out in front of him is playing a modern alto horn used in bands, rather than the older, upright model used in the 19th century.

Kenneth Larson
Los Angeles, California

Chastity and Fidelity

Enjoying the Ensign from cover to cover has been a part of my monthly reading since my baptism in 1994. I am writing to thank you for including the articles “Chastity and Fidelity” in the October 1998 issue. Of special interest was “Truths of Moral Purity.” It was a beautiful piece, well crafted, informative, and powerful in its message. I was uplifted and given guidance and courage to voice a gospel truth so needed yet so neglected in our society. I intend to buy extra copies of the issue to share with others so they too may be strengthened by the truth of the articles.

Michele Anne Franklin
Columbus, Ohio