Strengthening Families through Relief Society

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“Strengthening Families through Relief Society,” Ensign, Apr. 1999, 72

Strengthening Families through Relief Society

Recently President Gordon B. Hinckley challenged us to strengthen our families: “It is in the home that we learn the values by which we guide our lives. That home may be ever so simple. It may be in a poor neighborhood, but with a good father and a good mother, it can become a place of wondrous upbringing. … If anyone can change the dismal situation into which we are sliding, it is you. Rise up, O women of Zion, rise to the great challenge which faces you” (“Walking in the Light of the Lord,” Ensign, Nov. 1998, 99).

As daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, aunts, and grandmothers, our duties vary, but there are things we all can do to meet the prophet’s challenge: learn more about the gospel and teach and apply its principles in our families.

Helping sisters learn the gospel and share it with their families is one of the major purposes of Relief Society. Relief Society’s programs include the following opportunities for learning and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ:

  • The Sunday lessons in Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Brigham Young can serve as a framework for family instruction and unity.

  • First-Sunday Relief Society lessons include gospel instruction and can include ideas for sisters to share with their families.

  • In addition to other Homemaking activities, Homemaking nights can be used to share ideas for improving family home evening, studying the scriptures, having family history activities and family traditions, teaching the gospel in the home, and preparing to attend the temple.

As we learn and teach the doctrines of the gospel, we will reflect righteousness and be happier. At the same time, we will help establish places of “wondrous upbringing” where righteous children flourish. These homes and the women who help establish them will be much-needed lights to a troubled world.

Photo by Welden C. Andersen