Quick Quiet Books

    “Quick Quiet Books,” Ensign, Feb. 1999, 71

    Quick Quiet Books

    To help my children be reverent during sacrament meeting, I put together a special quiet book that focused on gospel subjects. I inserted pictures in plastic sheet protectors and put them in an inexpensive binder. On the front page I usually include a picture of the Savior, with the words “Come unto Me.” Inside I put a series of pictures on special themes: Book of Mormon, Jesus Christ, Church history, the prophets, and so on. Many inspirational pictures and thoughts can be found in Church magazines or in the Gospel Art Picture Kit, a set of 104 pictures available through the Church distribution centers (34730, boxed, $14.25 U.S.; or 34735, shrink-wrapped, $11.00 U.S.). Every few weeks I change the pictures so my children have something new to look at.

    This is an especially valuable tool to keep children’s thoughts focused on the Savior during the sacrament.—Arlene Anderson Butler, Ogden, Utah