December 1998

“Comment,” Ensign, Dec. 1998, 71


Helping Youth Belong

I’d like to make a comment about “Helping Youth Feel They Belong” (April 1998). I totally agree with most of the article about involving youth in decisions, to help keep them out of the wrong circles. However, youth and leaders really need to be aware of those who don’t feel they fit in because of peer pressure from youth and even leaders.

I feel leaders and youth not only have to plan good fun and service activities for the youth but need to really get to know each of them personally to be sure they are fitting in and want to be there. Leaders need to be on top of things, to watch that all youth are being fellowshipped, to keep them involved in doing things, to listen to and act on any complaints they have about not feeling welcome—and most of all, to be their friend.

Good activities and the rest of the things mentioned in the article are important, but more important are love, fellowship, and really feeling needed. I feel these are the keys to our youth staying active in the Church and out of the wrong circles.

Christine Roderick
Bellingham, Washington