Touching Lives with Music

“Touching Lives with Music,” Ensign, Dec. 1997, 63

Touching Lives with Music

Known as Hawaii’s Lady of Song, Genoa Keawe has sung at many entertainment spots throughout her state and in many foreign countries.

Genoa has enjoyed performing since she was a young girl, when she sang popular music with a dance band. “I used to listen to music at night on the radio,” she recalls. “Every other night there was a program where several of the singers were also members of the Church. I loved the music so much. After the program was over and before I went to sleep, I would kneel down and pray. I would tell Heavenly Father that if he would give me the chance, I would try to touch lives with my singing. And he has blessed me so abundantly.”

In 1946 Genoa started to develop her own unique style of traditional Hawaiian music. For several years in the early 1950s she appeared regularly on a local television program, and since 1969 she has recorded 10 albums. She is still recognized by many for her contributions to Hawaiian music. The Rotary Club of Honolulu honored her in 1993 for her contributions to Hawaiian culture, and in 1995 she received the Na Hoku Hanohano Award for Female Vocalist of the Year. She has performed in Russia, Switzerland, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Korea.

Genoa continues to perform and share her testimony in wards and at firesides. She also sings at hospitals and performs at a hotel each week.

“Everything I have and everything I am today is the result of God’s gifts to me,” says Genoa. “I’m so grateful for his love, for his care, and for his guidance.”

Genoa is the compassionate service leader in the Awaiolimu Ward Relief Society, Honolulu Hawaii Stake.—Marlene Keawe, Honolulu, Hawaii