Personal Ancestral Software Compatible with Windows

“Personal Ancestral Software Compatible with Windows,” Ensign, Dec. 1997, 65

Personal Ancestral Software Compatible with Windows

The Church’s Family History Department has announced the release of Personal Ancestral File® Companion, which allows the Church’s family history computer software to be used with the Microsoft Windows operating system, including Windows-compatible printers. Among other functions, the software companion allows users to generate and print various kinds of family group records and pedigree charts and to compile indexes and tables of contents for family history volumes.

System requirements to use PAF Companion include Windows 3.1 or later, Personal Ancestral File 2.0 or later, a VGA monitor, a high-density disk drive, and four available megabytes of hard disk space. To run the software, four megabytes of RAM are recommended. The new product is available through Church distribution centers for $10 U.S. (item no. 50094).