November 1997

“Contents,” Ensign, Nov. 1997, 2–3


November 1997

Volume 27 Number 11

Conference Tapes Available

Cassette tape recordings of conference sessions are available for meetinghouse libraries from all English-language distribution centers, generally within two months following conference. Recordings for the deaf (videocassettes with a signing inset) and for the visually impaired (slow-speed audiocassette tapes) are available from Special Curriculum, 50 East North Temple Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84150, United States of America.

Visiting Teaching

There are no designated visiting teaching messages printed in the May and November general conference issues of the Ensign. After prayerfully considering the needs of the sisters they visit, visiting teachers are to choose as the message for those months a general conference address that would meet the needs of the sisters.

General Conference Music

Saturday Morning, 4 October 1997, General Session
Music by the Mormon Youth Chorus, directed by Robert C. Bowden, with organist Bonnie Goodliffe: “The Morning Breaks” (arr. Bowden, unpublished; Hymns, no. 1); “Hark, All Ye Nations!” (arr. Christiansen/Bowden, unpublished; Hymns, no. 264); “I Believe in Christ” (arr. Turner, unpublished; Hymns, no. 134); “The Spirit of God” (Hymns, no. 2); “We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet” (arr. Bowden, unpublished, Hymns, no. 19); “Our Savior’s Love” (arr. Bowden, unpublished, Hymns, no. 113).

Saturday Afternoon, 4 October 1997, General Session
Music by the Farmington Family Choir, directed by Jane Fjeldsted, with organist Linda Margetts: “Faith of Our Fathers” (arr. Longhurst, published by Sonos, Hymns, no. 84); medley, arr. Fjeldsted: “Mother, Tell Me the Story” (Children’s Songbook, p. 204) and “Love Is Spoken Here” (Children’s Songbook, p. 190); “True to the Faith” (Hymns, no. 254); “How Will They Know?” (arr. Sleeth, published by Sonos; Children’s Songbook, p. 182.

Saturday Evening, 4 October 1997, Priesthood Session
Music by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir–Mormon Youth Chorus Combined Men, directed by Craig Jessop and Robert Bowden, with organist Clay Christiansen: “Glory to God on High” (arr. Longhurst, published by Sonos; Hymns, no. 67); “The Lord Is My Shepherd” (arr. Bradford, unpublished, Hymns, no. 108); “Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel” (Hymns, no. 252); “I Need Thee Every Hour” (arr. Manookin, published by Sonos, Hymns, no. 98).

Sunday Morning, 5 October 1997, General Session
Music by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, directed by Jerold D. Ottley, with organist John Longhurst: “Lead Me into Life Eternal” (Hymns, no. 45); “Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee” (Hymns, no. 141); “The Iron Rod” (arr. Lyon, published by Sonos; Hymns, no. 274); “Glorious Things Are Sung of Zion” (Hymns, no. 48); “Redeemer of Israel” (Hymns, no. 6); “How Lovely Are the Messengers” (ed. Ottley, published by Jackman); “I Know My Father Lives” (Hymns, no. 302).

Sunday Afternoon, 5 October 1997, General Session
Music by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, directed by Jerold D. Ottley, with organist Richard Elliott: “Come, We That Love the Lord” (Hymns, no. 119); “Come, Come, Ye Saints” (arr. Manookin, published by Sonos; Hymns, no. 30); “High on the Mountain Top” (Hymns, no. 5); “Testimony” (Hymns, no. 137); “More Holiness Give Me” (Hymns, no. 131).


On the cover: “Prove Me Now Herewith,” by Glen S. Hopkinson, oil on canvas, 30″ x 40″, 1997. Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Burns. Members in the 19th century often paid their tithing by “donations in kind”—livestock, hay, produce, and so forth. As depicted here, members in Salt Lake City brought their donations to a downtown tithing office, located where the Joseph Smith Memorial Building now stands. The Lord has said, “Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, … prove me now herewith, … if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it” (Mal. 3:10; 3 Ne. 24:10).


Inside front cover: Roadway near Joseph Smith’s Birthplace, by Frank Magleby, oil on gesso panel, 30″ x 40″, 1994. Typical of the early 1800s, solitude is still reflected in this rural scene near the Prophet Joseph Smith’s birthplace. Born on 23 December 1805 in Sharon, Windsor County, Vermont, Joseph Smith Jr. lived there until he was about 10 years old, when the family moved to Palmyra, New York.


Inside back cover: Returning Thanks, by Gregory Sievers, oil on canvas, 36″ x 48″, 1996. Courtesy of the Fourth International Art Competition of the Museum of Church History and Art. Among the instructions the Lord gave to President Brigham Young in January 1847 concerning the migration of the pioneers was this counsel: “If thou art merry, praise the Lord with … a prayer of praise and thanksgiving. If thou art sorrowful, call on the Lord thy God with supplication, that your souls may be joyful” (D&C 136:28–29).


Photos of conference were taken by Jed Clark, Craig Dimond, John Luke, Tamra Hamblin, Matt Reier, Greg Frei, Don Thorpe, and Bryant Livingston.